Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to avoid lost luggage at Denver International Airport

Label your baggage outside: Before checking a bag (leaving a bag when you check in which then goes in the plane's cargo hold), label it inside and out. Labeling bags is only a little helpful to the folks looking for your lost luggage, but very helpful when you need to claim 'em. Use the outside tag holder if the bag came with one *and* use one of the tags you'll find at airline check in counters; tie that tag's elasticized string around your bag's handle.
Label your baggage inside: I duct tape a card with my name and address to the inside lid of my backpack and leave a copy of my itinerary and tickets inside in plain sight in the hopes that someone might actually read it if trying to unite me with my bag. To my travel itinerary, I paper clip a sheet with my cell phone number and my home phone and write "phone number" on it in relevant languages.
What should I do about lost luggage? if your bag doesn't show up on the baggage carousel (above), look immediately for the airline's nearby baggage office or window (this would be the lost luggage people) and report it there at once (the office is near -- it's probably not on another level). Don't panic- - your bag may just be delayed and coming in on another flight. Give the window clerk your baggage stubs (above).
What will happen when I report lost luggage?
The clerk at the baggage claim window will track your bag on the computer first, using your stubs. If the bag isn't on another flight, the clerk will begin calling around to track it down or send baggage guys who work for the airline to look for it.
Special Thanks to the Denver International Airport Staff


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