Thursday, April 2, 2009

Comfort Tips on a Denver Airport Airplane

Tips for flying comfortably at the Denver International Airport Airplane
  • Choose to seat on the airplane bulkhead or exit row aisles. Bulkheads offer extra leg room and no one can recline his seat back into your knees. Exit rows have the luxury of extra foot room, but you must be able to open the emergency door.
  • How to Prevent Colorado Altitude Sickness: drink eight ounces of water every hour. Airplane air has only 1% to 10% humidity. You'll need more than the two small cart drinks offered on most flights. Bring your own bottled water, and avoid coffee, alcohol and carbonated drinks, which are dehydrating diuretics.

  • Eat light when flying into Denver International Airport. Everything but fruit plates contains too much salt and fat. Bring your own healthy snacks, like dehydrated soups or nutrition bars. Don't overeat, since your internal organs naturally swell due to cabin pressure changes.
  • Adjusting from the East coast to Colorado Mountain time zone. The Association of Denver International Airport Flight Attendants said the secret is to follow the same wake-up, bedtime, work and meal hours in your new location as in your old time zone. Don't try to catch up on sleep by going to bed right after you land or trying to stay up just because you gained a few hours. You'll adjust more quickly if your follow your bodies internal clock.

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