Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Colorado Convention Center Event & Vendor Tips

Colorado Convention Center Vendor Tips by Paul John
Colorado Convention Center 2016 Vendor Tips by Paul John 

 Colorado Convention Schedule 2018 - Colorado Convention Center 700 14th St. Denver 80202

Tips for Exhibitors at the Colorado Convention Center located in Downtown Denver
Exhibitor tip#1 Dress successfully: Bring a couple of pair of comfortable shoes. You're going to be walking. Just walking from one end of the show to the other will put a few miles on your favorite shoes. Factor in about a thousand stops as you move from booth to booth and hall to hall and you're going to leave the show feeling like you have just completed a marathon each day. Maybe more if you arrive for the weekend sessions.

Exhibitor tip #2 Don't forget to interact with others at the exhibits: One of the prime missions everyone should take to the show outside of viewing the exhibits is to gain new friends and business acquaintances and to share your product. Let's face it the Colorado Convention Center is a huge opportunity for an open exchange of information with your peers. It's why you are there. Ask open ended questions and take notes. Collect business cards and have a large stack to give out. Leave something with that person you spent 20 minutes discussing the merits of a new product, or a piece of equipment, or a new idea.

Exhibitor tip #3 At least once during your stay, Eat in and around the cafeteria Colorado Convention Center. Around lunch time it's always packed. Tables are scarce. Try to sit next to someone you don't know, if they seem like they might be open to it. Introduce yourself and ask how the show is going for them. Engage them in conversation about what they have seen and what they have been impressed with at the show and then add it to your list of things to see.

Exhibitor tip #4 Safety: Remember you are leaving loved ones, who would like to see you again. Pre-plan everything on your business trip, your new surroundings, your Downtown Denver Hotel, and please do not forget your Denver airport transportation do not take chances jumping into any airport taxi or shuttle bus, get credential on safe transportation and like you tell your customer's don't take chances rely on a professional.

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