Friday, June 12, 2009

Colorado Travelers still making vacation plans

Air Travel Heats Up, Travelers still making vacation plans.
Budgets may be tighter this year, but all signs point to Colorado travelers still making vacation plans for the summer.

Visitor traffic increased to the National Parks and Services, (up 14%), and local theme park, (up 47%). As a result, major hotels like (up 18% ), (up 11%), and (up 14%) all saw a lift alongside Denver airport transportation, which were also positively impacted – (up 15% ).

Tip #1 Book reservations early. During the summer, popular destinations sell out early. In order to make the most of a vacation in both value and accommodations, make all reservations as soon as possible or risk having to compromise on final plans. •

Tip #2 Pack with security in mind. Place your ID tags on the inside of your bag and do not lock it. That will allow Denver airline security to search it if necessary, but it will not advertise the location of your empty home to an unsuspecting perpetrator. Consider labeling a laptop computer as well, as they are the number one forgotten item at Denver airport security screening checkpoints.

Tip #3 Dress for function, not flash. Avoid wearing a lot of jewelry or high-priced clothing that marks you as a wealthy target when traveling. Maintain a low profile while in a public airport and try to blend into your surroundings.

Tip #4 Make photocopies of all travel documents. Whether your travel destination is considered unpredictable or you are prone to losing things, it’s always a good idea to make photocopies of travel documents such as tickets, passports, itineraries, reservations and credit cards. Carry them separately from the originals in case you have to notify authorities of theft or loss. •

Tip#5 Get street smart. When leaving a hotel for sightseeing, shopping or dining, ask the hotel staff. Safety should always come first. For example, a knowledgeable concierge may advise taking a pre arranged Chauffeured service around the City of Denver and to the Denver International Airport located 23 miles from Downtown Denver.

Top Chauffeur Tip# 6 When flying, just to be on the safe side, remember to schedule your Denver airport transportation 2 hours prior to take off. Arrive at the Denver International Airport one hour prior to departure. It helps avoid long lines and missing a flight as well as keeps boarding and departures on schedule.

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