Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How to Choose a Good Hotel in Colorado

Whether you’re going on a Colorado Ski Vacation, or looking for a Hotel closest to the Colorado Convention Center, or just a weekend getaway in Downtown Denver , choosing a hotel is one of the most important decisions in ensuring you have an enjoyable time. Despite the importance of finding the right hotel, it can often be quite difficult to strike a balance between quality,price, and convenience. So what should you look for in selecting a hotel, and where should you go to try and find that perfect accommodation, whatever your needs?

TIP #1: One of the best ways to determine which Denver hotel is right for you is by matching your requirements against the 5 star rating system.

TIP #2: Choose a good Denver hotel by word of mouth. What do your friends think about various Colorado hotels in the region? Has anyone you know had a particularly good (or bad) experience of hotels around about the one you are looking for?

TIP #3: A good place to check for hotel reviews and recommendations is the Internet, and there are numerous travel sites which host impartial reviews and write ups of various hotels and hostels. This can be a great, low cost way of ensuring you find a hotel that meets your requirements, and provides you with an enjoyable trip to help you relax and unwind.

TIP #4 from the Top Chauffeur: I have had the great opportunity to drive my clients to several hotels in the Colorado region for Denver airport transportation and here is my recommendation based on First Impressions, Convenience, & Client recommendations.

Downtown Denver hotel walking distance to the Convention Center-Denver airport transportation needed.

Downtown Denver hotel across the street from the Tabor Center & 16th street Mall-Denver airport transportation needed.

Downtown Denver hotel close to Larimer Street dining & Union Station-Denver airport transportation needed.

Boulder, Colorado hotel near Pearl Street- Denver airport transportation needed.

Boulder, Colorado hotel Center of Town close to CU Stadium-Denver airport transportation needed.
Colorado Springs hotel-Denver airport transportation needed.

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